When we decided to create a festival in Chapada Diamantina, it was as if we were listening to a call. It was a call to a new way of living, wiser and more harmonious, with less taxes and more love, less traffic and more river bath, less fear and more meetings.

We wanted a festival that reflected the direction we were taking, to resonate with this freer and less consumerist life. On this walk we discovered that our houses could be built of clay, that our gardens could be edible, that electricity could come from the sun, from the wind and that in fact, we do not need so many things.

It was precisely by sharing these feelings and the desire to create a Sacred Ritual of a new society that Ressonar was created. So that people who feel at this frequency can support themselves, share ideas and find the missing part to transform!

A festival full of special courses, with masters to toast us with their knowledge and lead us in the paths of Permaculture and Free Life that we have chosen.

Soon we will announce each one of them and the themes that will be approached during the festival.