Ressonar is coming in its 11th edition and a lot of people are part of this story! There are those who come every year, there are those who come whenever they can and always there are those who come for the first time!!

If this is your case and you are a little lost without really knowing what Ressonar is, check out the tips to tune in:

1) The first step is: relax and prepare for a festival of transformation! Open your mind and heart, Bahia is the state of joy!

2) Date and Location: Always on the first full moon of the year! This year, the 11th year Organic Edition will take place on January 9 to 13, 2020, at Fazenda Vila Gerais, 17km from the city of Piatã, Chapada Diamantina, Bahia – Brazil.

3) Tickets: Guarantee your ticket! Tickets are limited as we are in an area of ​​intense nature and we need to have a passenger limit on the ship. Secure your ticket early and rest assured. Buy only through the website or official excursions, as we will not have promoters this year.



4) Food: There will be a space for those who want to take and cook their own food. The main food court is the Gourmet Village, open 24 hours and with many options ranging from bakery, coffee, açaí, pizzeria, hamburger, to vegetarian/vegan meals and regular meals by weight. Always respecting a fair and affordable price. Ressonar has drinking water in its taps, free and fresh from the mountains.



5) Camping: Regular camping and parking are included in the price of your ticket. The parking lot is at the festival’s entrance, about 800m from where the campsite is. New this year is the Car Camping, a special space and in the heart of the festival, for those who prefer the convenience of camping next to or inside their vehicle. To purchase the Car Camping Voucher click here

6) Is Ressonar an Electronic Music Festival? Ressonar is a facilitator of experiences. Our part is to create an utopian kingdom with several possibilities of experiences in the festival. Your part is to choose and tune in to what you want to vibrate. You can spend every day in Yoga Village, enjoying your family, watching movies and enjoying the landscapes of Chapada Diamantina and the bath in the river. You can even jump right in Trance Temple or Groove Station and enjoy an intense line-up of electronic and experimental music ranging from 100 to 160 BPM. You can also start the days with practices in Yoga Village, experience the courses in the Astral Zone, catch the sunset by the sound of incredible Chillout Sessions in the Budha Hall and finish the night in a ritual at the fireplace under the moonlight. What resonates in you, plays in Ressonar. There are 8 spaces that make up a non-stop line-up of music, performances, courses, practices and lots of art!



7) How to get there: Visit our “how to get” link to know exactly which option is the best for you! It has everything there, excursions, airports, buses and map. Upon arrival in Piatã, which is the nearest town, many local vans will take the route (30 min / 17km) to the festival area. From Lençóis and the Capão Valley you will always find a ride too!



8) Prepare your backpack so you can only enjoy! January rains and it’s quite cold in the mountains, so get ready with the tent and cover, bring that warm sleeping bag and warm clothes and be prepared.



9) Remember: the festival opens from noon on January 9th, 2020. Don´t arrive before, only those who secured the ticket at Super Earlybird (purchase on the first day of the first phase) have access on January 8th also at noon. The same goes for the last day, we close at 2pm on the January 13th.

10) Turn off heavy vibrations and enjoy the celebration of joy and sharing!! What resonates in you, plays in Ressonar. (((3)))

Looking forward to meet you on the full moon of January 2020!!!

Permaculture and Free Life

Permaculture and Free Life

When we decided to create a festival in Chapada Diamantina, it was as if we were listening to a call. It was a call to a new way of living, wiser and more harmonious, with less taxes and more love, less traffic and more river bath, less fear and more meetings. We...