Dancing has always been a part of tribal rituals because of its power to connect people. Those who have already experienced the indescribable levels of reality on the dance floor know exactly how exciting it is to learn new aspects of emotional and spiritual life in a joyful and natural way. The reasons for the revival and growth of festivals around the world reveal that something very important is missing in our modern society, so Life has created a new ritual.

In ancient civilizations there have always been special spaces for their sacred encounters. Many of these places have similar characteristics and, for the most part, were circular and strategically positioned relative to the movement of the Sun and the Moon.

The circle is a special and magical symbol. It offers us a glimpse of inner and outer space – as if a small universe were there within a larger universe. Circular environments are able to maintain, circulate, and accumulate energy, making the creative forces of life manifest in a variety of ways, such as a multidimensional being.

Most of these encounters usually took place at important astrological points, our ancestors believed that the Sun was our God personified. Through this connection with the stars and planets they attained a deep understanding of their lives and the quality of their time. They also used to attract fate, to bring a good harvest, times of peace and other positive aspirations for the whole of society.

The paradigm of modern times is the search for re-connection, to return to something that was lost along the way and that causes a void in modern connections. People, the Earth, the Sun, the Moon, and all the stars return to the point where all this began, of reconnection, to fulfill the desire of the Great Life again. We start again to try to do better, to rescue, to learn through experience and, who knows, one day we will walk wiser. The men who are awakened to this profound change will be the shamans of our time.

If only one person dancing is already able to travel through time and space, what can not a group? A whole tribe? In January the portals will be open for this new journey and the invitation has come to you …

Ressonar Festival 2020 Listen to the call …