Timetable Ressonar 2018

Timetable Ressonar 2018

Hey Resonance family!

We are very happy to share with you the timeline of our 10th edition main spaces!

This year we will have some changes:

– The first few days will be focused on the experiences and courses, with organic music and lots of drums.

“Groove Station merged with Budha Hall, and we’ll have super-dancing nights under the Full Moon.”

– The Astral Zone was splited in two and than born Aoca, where we will have the courses of the first days directed to the earth, planting and much personal growth.

– For lovers of Trance we have good news! The foor has won two more days! Now we will have bigger ball, with long sets under 5 nights of Moon ..

– Kino Ressonar has been reborn, where a special selection of films, documentaries and anime will happen.

There are still a lot more news being materialized for our 10 special edition! A program thought out in the 10 days with a lot of learning, music, art, cinema, therapies and harmony with nature.

Let’s Resonate Together !!

Ressonar 2018
10-year Special Edition
Chapada Diamantina

Tickets 2 Phase: www.ressonar-festival.com.br/home/shop/

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