In the highest mountains of Bahia

5 days of Music

of Art


and Sustainable Living

Ressonar is an experiences supporter for a new time and a new society, through a synesthesia of art, music, learning and sustainable living. An incomparable spectacle of celebration, under the energy of the first full moon of the year.


Our gathering is based on strong principles of ecological and social awareness. In each event we advance with this vision through workshops, experiences and the implementation of initiatives of low environmental impact and high impact on personal connections.


Born from the mix of some festivals with Rainbow Gatherings, Ressonar is a celebration of love and art, with attractions from all over the world and in a special setting: in the nature of Chapada Diamantina, the highest mountains in Bahia.

Ressonar Festival XI - 9th to 13th january 2020








4 news from Ressonar that will brighten your 2020 year!

Ressonar took a break in 2019 and this time helped us a lot to understand and learn many things that we could improve to offer an even better experience for our Resonants.  The festival has grown and we needed this year's break to listen to our audience and prepare a...

How to get there

A Fazenda Vila Gerais, onde o Ressonar acontece, está localizada a 17km da cidade de Piatã, nas montanhas da Chapada Diamantina - Bahia. Piatã está a 590km de Salvador, 980Km de Brasília e 190km de Lençóis. Veja abaixo as opções de como chegar: O aeroporto mais...

Inscrições Abertas

Estão abertas as incrições para o Pixie Market, Vila Gourmet e Astral Zone! Os espaços do Ressonar vibram com tanta arte, criatividade e alegria! Para fazer essa mistura, que nos traz muitos aprendizados e um enorme compartilhar de ideias, ficamos felizes em anunciar...