Ressonar is a festival that is clean and harmonious with nature. Therefore, it is important that each one take your part and contribute with the basic rules:

  • Our bathrooms are dry and what you leave in them will be used to fertilize our vegetables. Participate in the correct use of the bathrooms by “dumping” with the sufficient amount of sawdust.
  • In the showers we ask you to be as quick as possible and that you try to use shampoos based on natural products. It will be possible to buy organic toiletries at the festival.
  • Try to use the festival bins correctly, each bin has a label with its function.
  • The micro-litter of the festival should also be a concern for everyone. We have special containers for cigarette butts and chewing gum – spare the nature, waste that takes too long to decompose are a problem and someone will have to take it for you.