5 Reasons not to miss the Ressonar 10-Year Special Edition!

5 Reasons not to miss the Ressonar 10-Year Special Edition!

Many of the resonators do not miss any edition of Ressonar! It is a great pleasure to see the bracelets of all the other years when we received them at the entrance of the festival. Moreover, when we open the promo ticckets and the first ones to buy are names already stamped from other editions. With all the comments we receive, we feel that Ressonar has a different vibe… and here are the 5 reasons that make the festival unique and the next edition a must see!

1- The new place is even better.

rio 005

Gerais de Piatã – foto: Uirá Meneses

In the highest mountains of Bahia, where the Chapada Diamantina can be felt in all its exuberance and beauty, where the mountains make waves and the sky is watercolor. With more open space, the areas have become much more comfortable for camping, Gourmet Village, Pixie Market and stages. The Astral Forest, which houses the classrooms for the therapies, courses and lectures, also proved a magical and balanced place for the exchange of knowledge and meditation.

2-Sustainability taken seriously


Making seed ballds, green activism. foto: Uira Meneses

Sustainability is in social responsibility, by buying organic food and generating jobs for the local community, as well as reducing and correctly allocating waste. The Ressonar Festival uses the “My Eco Cup” to avoid disposable cups and all the organic residue goes into the compost. The dry toilets were also a great investment for the sanitation solution and were quite comfortable with the best view of the landscape!

3- Relationship with local community and cultural exchanges


Mountains residents. Foto: Rodrigo della Favera

Piatã is one of the most prosperous of the small towns of Bahia,  with the main economy coming from family agriculture, mainly by the production of coffee. To insert a new source of income, which generates new jobs and moves the tourist activity, is the best that Ressonar does for the local community. We were very happy with the support we had and with the joy of the locals in receiving the resonators. This cultural exchange provides a beautiful growth for all of us!

4- Several strands, different tribes in Resonance


Live Electronic Music

We believe that blending multiple strands will bring diversity and respect among tribes. To Ressonar is to be in frequency with a cheerful, creative mood of evolution and love. Nothing better than bringing different vibrations together, let’s tune in to that resonance! From the rhythm of bands and instruments, jam sessions, psychedelic and underground electronic music . The Ressonar Festival celebrates the multiplicity and complexity of beings in union!

5- Pioneer in Transforming Festival in Brazil


Vivências no Astral Zone. foto: Ana Raquel Barros

This is our great novelty for the 10-year Special Edition! Throughout these nine editions, we realized that the changes and transformations experienced by all of us were so intense that they generated a new state of consciousness and aspirations. Thinking about how to use all the tools and ideas we learn and what we can do to reach a more beautiful and united world, the festival begins to become a way to live together and coexist permanently, a form of “Common Unity” .. Soon we will publish more information about this great dream that we want to accomplish!

Ressonar Festival #10 special edition
2 to 11th  january 2018

*Get right not your 2018 ticket! 😉

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